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Since the implementation of the WEEE directive in 2003 International Copiers have been a market leader in the disposal of end-of-life copiers and in more recent years we have moved ourselves to the number one position in the UK.

We found that our customers were looking for a supplier who was not only cost effective in disposing of their old equipment but also a company that they could trust and were ethical in their approach to disposal. This is when we decided to approach our very first ISO certification. Since 2004 International Copiers have proudly maintained our UKAS approved ISO14001 accreditation. Through our expert Environmental Management System (EMS) run by our ISO Manager - Sophie Anderson we have been dedicated to continuously reduce our impact on the environment. International Copiers deal with customers such as major government agencies and local councils all over the UK, proving we have the expertise and logistical capability to help you meet your legal obligations, whatever the scale of your output.

As of 2015 we have been working to and achieved the current standard ISO14001:2015.

We understand the importance of this not being an individual effort and every member of the Company must be involved to make a difference. Therefore, each member of staff graduates through our “dedication to the environment” training programme. From drivers to warehouse staff, office staff to engineers we are all committed to doing our part to make sure we keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. This covers everything from turning a light off when we leave a room to recycling over 56 tonnes of Paper, Plastic and Toner a year.

Please click here to view the latest version of our full environmental statement.
Please click here to view our ISO14001:2015 certificate.

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Sophie Anderson
ISO Manager

Coming Soon: ISO27001 – Information Security